Motivational Mondays

I’m a little late today…..whoops. I hope Mike and Dave don’t dock my pay.

We’re always looking to go deep, so let’s get deep.

When do you know that you actually exist? Most studies say babies realize they are their own entity between 14 and 24 months. -Psychology

“I think therefor I am.” – Descartes     Philosophy

If your too young to think/believe that you are real do you really exist?……..of course you do people. Enough with the crazy questions. You have to be willing to admit there are questions out there that you can’t answer. That you can’t control. That mankind will never be able to solve.


Focus on what you can. You can hit the snooze button once instead of seven times. You can get your ass out of bed and exercise. You can eat three slices of pizza instead of four. You can be what you want.

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