Friday Pick-me-up

Bad news, it’s hardly 9. Good news, it’s Friday! Only 8ish more hours until you can celebrate your short lived freedom. Whether you were crunching numbers or digging ditches, celebrate the fact that you made it through another grueling work week. At the end of the day, we’re all just doing one thing anyway…

Here we are. Another Friday closer to Summer. NEEEEEEED THAT to get here now. I was concerned that I would need to start rounding up 2 of each animal with all the rain we got yesterday. It’s not even April, and I’m already sick of it! Huge plus though, Oberon is here. That pleases me. I’ve enjoyed one every day this week. It’s not even like I’m obsessed with it. I’m more obsessed with what it represents. I need bonfires, baseball, and swim trunks, and Oberon Day means we’re that much closer to having those things again.

It’s also Final Four weekend. So all of you degenerates out there, hammer the under. They’re playing in a football stadium. Definitely going to impact some shots.  Or don’t. Your call. I’m not here to tell you how to spend your money. I’ll be enjoying the games with a pop in my hand and a few doll hairs on the Zags and Tar Heels.

Next week we’ve got Opening Day for the MLB and that’s a major key. Really can’t beat opening day in Detroit. Place is a zoo. Don’t care what the weather is going to be, I can promise you downtown will be wild. I’ll be in the middle of it, since I don’t miss things like this (Do it for the story, I guess).

Anyway, enjoy your Friday. Enjoy your weekend. Do something fun. Do something new. Do something that makes you feel alive.


First up, is an all-time classic. Don’t know how many times I’ve posted this, don’t care either. I need this song and a drink now.


Second, we’ve got ourselves some new Uzi. So turn it up, and have yourself a day.

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