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Motivational Mondays

I couldn’t find a photo of it, but there is a McDonald’s bill board out their that I’ve been driving by. This specific billboard features a cup of coffee and the phrase “Wake up and grind.”

Should life be a “GRIND?” Should we view our repeated daily activities as a “GRIND.”

People want to be rich, but they don’t want to work. People want to be in shape, but they don’t want to burn calories. To reach complete ecstasy, to be consumed by euphoria, you must struggle. You must be down. You must grow. I don’t have some miracle to remove your hardships people. I’m here to help you embrace those hardships. Face your problems head on. Climb those mountains with a smile. Overcoming adversity is necessary for homeostasis. It always comes back to balance.

There has to be some downs so your reminded to enjoy the ups. The downs help us avoid complacency.  Next time a shit storm comes your way focus on the benefits. Continue to grow. Attitude is everything. Problems will come and they’ll be solved. Try to find happiness in the process in solving, not just the final solution.

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