Motivational Mondays


The other day at work I’m talking with this baby boomer and he’s all upset. He goes on to say “I’m driving through this college down at 3 o’clock and there’s all these college kids having a bonfire. I don’t know what the hell they’re doing having a bonfire when it’s 70 degree’s out.” I just nodded and smiled at him, like yeah man I get you, but really I was thinking they’re just enjoying their personal freedoms man. For some reason people having a few pops and enjoying the start of summer really got to him. Made me think what’s up with that.

I started to realize, life is just about levels. As we age we go through different levels. Levels of tiredness. When your a kid it’s completely fine to be worn out and tired. Then your not allowed to be tired again till your 60 or so. Levels of satisfaction. Some points of your life staying in and watching tv is completely acceptable, other times if you don’t go out and be social the night seems like a failure.

For this baby boomer, day drinking and having a bonfire seemed completely crazy. I’m sure at one level in his life though, it seemed like a good time.

The point: it doesn’t matter what level other people are on. Enjoy your level because it is bound to change.


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