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Motivational Mondays

So you kinda fell behind on the whole “New year new me” bullshit. It’s almost bikini season and you’re looking for some magical advice to get you in shape with minimal effort. I got a few tips that might help.

#1 Cheat Day

I hate it. Don’t cheat on anyone else, don’t cheat on yourself. It’s just setting yourself up for failure. If you have to have weekly cheat days or daily cheat meals, you probably need to change the entire system. Eat and drink whatever you want whenever you want, just know that if you don’t burn those calories off they’ll turn into fat.

#2 Rest Day

I hate it. What do you think you’re doing when you’re sleeping? What do you think you’re doing when you’re sitting at your desk or laying down watching TV? Resting. Let’s stop kidding ourselves. The only time you need a rest day is when you’re squatting 700 pounds or running marathons. Everyday should feature some kind of calorie burning activity.

#3 Small workouts are still workouts

Sometimes if I’m crunched for time I’ll think, is a ten minute workout really beneficial? Of course it is. A ten minute jog isn’t going to burn 1000 calories. A ten minute jog is going to speed up your metabolism, burn calories, get rid of toxins, and lead to healthier lifestyle choices. Maybe it’s push day and you only have time for bench and dips. You know you’re not going to have time for: inclined flies, military press, and other various triceps extensions. Still get in there and do the workout, you’ll still burn calories and get gains. Any workout is a good workout.

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