Motivational Mondays

Good morning! Hopefully you’re not to dehydrated from last night’s festivities. Eagles beat the pats in a game with no controversy. The underdog wins providing a little inspiration to everyone out there going against the odds.


I been thinking about desire a bit lately. How many actions do we conduct each day with 100% desire to do? I’m starting to think, not to many. So many decisions are made with such little dedication or purpose. They range from big or small. If we are not full committed to an outcome why do we pursue?

Let’s say you’re employed somewhere that gives you little satisfaction. You have little desire to show up each day. The benefits of acceptable currency is enough to out weight the lack of desire. Is it really worth it? The call is yours, but I’m not sure if sacrificing happiness and a desired daily routine will ever suffice.

Chase the happiness people, what ever you do make sure you desire to do it.


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