Motivational Mondays

Wowza, what a week. At one point I heard all this snowmageddon jazz and then by the end of the week, spring was in the air.  Completely wild how change can happen so quickly. For some reason it really got me thinking about all the animals. How can they adjust to adversity so quick and never lose a step.

You got all these animals that hibernate. Every year winter’s coming and they just say, “Pass” and go sleep somewhere. But what happens when something out of the norm takes place, like 60 degree weather when it should only be 30 degree weather. Adversity strikes and they adapt. I don’t necessarily know how, I think they just wake up for a little bit, evaluate the satiation and then stay awake for good or go back to sleep. Enough about the damn hibernating animals, they’re not the point we are.

Adversity will strike you as a person and us as mankind. It’s up to us to evolve, adapt, change, and survive. Taking no action, is an action. Change is consistent through history. It’s a choice to wake up and change or just go back to sleep.

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