Motivational Mondays

Another week goes by, what can we take from it. It seems no matter the accomplishment discomfort is near. Reminds me of what my old sensi used to say, “Behind every mountain is another mountain.”

Anywho time for some stuff to motivate you. The holy triangle might be getting together this weekend. If that’s the case be prepared to be sweet talked about the release of possible content, no promises! In reality it’ll prolly just be us begging establishments to open up their beer gardens and then going home and talking about all these great ideas we have for videos. Miracles don’t happen in a day people.

Oh yeah you want to feel motivated. The sun is lasting longer, that’s pretty cool. The dark is slowly going away. Perhaps this can bring more time for you to enjoy what you like because that is the point. Lots of times people will live for other’s ideals of happiness but until you really know what you want, you can’t strive for it. Understand that the discomfort you go through at times is building for an enjoyment later on. You guys need to hear someone else talk, here is a video.

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