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Motivational Mondays

Wow, what a weekend. Definitely a St. Paddy’s day for the record books. I ventured over to East Lansing and those people know how to ingest poison. Man, I tell you what, half the town knocked themselves out by noon. Really something beautiful there. They had me singing that Drop Kick Murphys’ song like 50 times. Animals. That might be why this things coming out a little late today. No excuses just results though and the result is some late motivation.

Another reason why this thing is coming out late, is because of spring, people. During the dark cold days, people need a little extra boost at times, including me, and that’s why I throw this thing together. It almost gets me started right, provides something to focus on, look forward to. When these warm days start coming around though, it seems, you don’t have to think to enjoy. All the good feelings just come naturally. It’s like magic or something. What I’m getting at is, this part of the blog isn’t always going to be here. Help can elevate people, but it also can limit their personal growth. Eventually, one needs to realize they are the answer! And I think I’m running out of material. This stuff all kinda connects. No promises about the future, so be whatever you will. Remember though, all these words and writings are just theories. You are eternal, YOU ARE THE ANSWER!

P.S. isn’t that a sweet picture.

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