Live Look At Detroit



Are you kidding me with these roads? It’s bad enough that I actually have to work for a living. Throwing a flood in the mix is dog shit. Some people couldn’t even get into work today. Just turned around and gave up. I wish I was that smart. Unfortunately, I’m not and I battled the elements in my truck. Drove through at least 5 lakes in streets of Detroit. Lesser vehicles were stuck, but I pushed on. At one point, I looked over and a guy was crushing the same lake as me in a Hummer. Gave him a nod of approval and powered through with him. What a time.

Moral of the story is, I’m leaving early. Not a chance I get stuck in this shit on the way home. Might take the back roads (the side streets in Detroit that roughly resemble Baghdad circa 2003) and get copious amounts of truck stuff in. Gotta take advantage of every opportunity.

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