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Motivational Mondays

The seasonal blues are intact. The holiday season high is over and if you don’t have an intimate friend for Wednesday, you might be waiting till March before you’re celebrating anything. Don’t worry about that little flying dude with an arrow, the ol’ leprechaun¬† will always be there to drink green beer with you.


Sometime, I feel being content in America is frowned upon. Everybody wants others to be happy, but not at the expense of settling. It seems from an early age in this culture the idea of “more and better” is consistent with most. Examples: money, recognition, education, and happiness. Even the richest people seem to want more money. Having a great time with a few good people isn’t enough, we need to be recognized on social media. Many believe that more school and a better education is a necessity. Sometimes you’ll be happy and for some reason we’ll think “man wouldn’t this be better if…..”.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t strive for more, growth and development brings satisfaction. I’m just wondering when will anything be enough. Especially with the medical field and artificial intelligence. Isn’t brain surgery and robots creating their own language enough?

I don’t know man, but I remember hearing or reading this quote a while back

“Until you’re content with what you have, you’ll never be content with what you want.”

P.S. this songs a little spooky, but this blog needs to be spooked more often

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