Motivational Mondays

As some of you know we got the whole gang together at Mike’s this weekend. The guy’s a great host. His place provides outstanding natural lighting. Besides normal festivities we may have developed some entertainment for the few folks that know this script exists. Only time will tell.

Motivation Part:

Its pretty common for people to say “Just another day.” If you got you’re whole system in place and a good scheme going, maybe that’s just fine. If there is something you’re trying to obtain, living the “Just another day” life can set you back. There is a different way to look at things. “Just another day LESS!” Every time the sun pops up we’re one day closer to summer, to personal outcomes, to death. Its up to you how you want to see if. Maybe the fact that February flew by is good, you’re closer to summer. Or maybe you wish you would have done more with those days to get closer to achieving a personal task. Idk its your life.

I guess the take away point here is, it’s really up to you to make the most of your days.


I haven’t seen a Doors song on this thing for months. “Mike get your shit together, we want more shit”


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