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Motivational Mondays

Another week spinning around the sun. Pretty crazy concept, time, but I don’t know if any good comes from worrying about it. I don’t think any miracles are gonna happen soon. So, you know, we’re just gonna keep on rollin with it man.

Anybody do anything fancy for daylight saving time? Do people celebrate that stuff? We switch a hour of daylight to a more convenient time based on societies standards. Is it worth celebrating? I don’t know, maybe not. I was just reading a bit about it and apparently only 40% of the world’s population participate in daylight savings time. Isn’t that crazy. There’s a whole bunch of people out there that don’t even want a participation trophy, rebels. This blog will celebrate anything and by rare chance we don’t celebrate something, we’ll find motivation from it.

The Motivating Part:

We complain about “The Man” making us live our lives a certain way, but the dude just threw us a bone. Instead of wasting an hour of warmth well we’re sleeping in our beds, we get that same hour to live. Literally do anything but sleep. Sleeping is just imitating a dead person. You got this hour of daylight to get outside, see some nature, soak up those vitamin D enriched rays. Use it if you got it. Create the next fad and become a super vegan where you just photosynthesize. Make the most of all this spinning around the sun! Spring forward people.

P.S. The dad pad is soon to come……

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