Friday Pick-me-up

Bad news, it’s hardly 10. Good news, it’s Friday! Only 7ish more hours until you can celebrate your short lived freedom. Whether you were crunching numbers or digging ditches, celebrate the fact that you made it through another grueling work week. At the end of the day, we’re all just doing one thing anyway…


Well what a Friday, folks! First off, hand up again. My bad on saying Winter was dead again. Apparently it’s not. I hear northern Michigan got close to a foot of snow the other day. That is not what I’d call ideal weather in April. What a travesty. How am I supposed to do Spring things (jumping in puddles, riding bikes, roller blading, planting flowers, smoking meats, drinking on patios) when there is a foot of snow on the ground? I’ll answer that…I can’t. Well here’s a fun fact, I’m not a quitter. I’m going to do Spring stuff this weekend to show Winter that I will not be bullied. I hope you will all join me in my quest to get rid of Winter for good.

Anyway I’m hoping some of you took the time to check out Birddogs. We’re still running a $15 deal and the details are below. Don’t fall victim to the myth that you need to wear underwear and grab yourself of these liberating crotch cabanas.

Head over to Bird Dogs  and use the code revrockbirddogs at checkout, you’ll get $15 off your purchase. Help me help you. Free yourself.


It’s also Master’s week. LET’S NOT IGNORE THAT! I’m dying to see Tiger in contention on Sunday. Nothing would be better than seeing Tiger, wearing red of course, sinking a birdie on 18 to get himself a green jacket. Just typing that fires me up. Golf is 100x better when Tiger is good.

Anyway, it should be a good weekend. Got a little trip planned to Oscoda, home of Paul Bunyan, for a little R&R. Did not anticipate the foot of snow, but I will overcome that and be a better person for it. It will also create some tremendous social media content so I can’t even be that upset.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Find a warm place and get yourselves a drink. Spring will allegedly be here soon so that means patio season will be here soon as well. Until then, stay hashtag super blessed.


To the music…


First up, we’ve got one of my favorites from blackbear. The guy can’t miss.


Next up, we’ve got the guys from Frankenmuth. Love me some Greta Van Fleet. If you’re not familiar with these guys, you’ve been living under a rock. Remove yourself from the rock and check them out.


Finally, we’ve got our least favorite song ever.


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