A 30 rack of Snapless nights.

I’m no stranger to social media. Hell, some would argue I’m addicted.  

I am a proud former user of the social media platform known as Facebook

( a few months clean )

…..and……. holy shit does life taste good. I don’t really care who is dating who, who is having a kid or whats for dinner. I contradict myself because i still Snapchat, Instagram etc, shit that no one gives a fuck about!!! Like….. my meals, workouts …blah blah.  Don’t get me wrong maybe its a motivating factor to show off that hard work in the gym or that significant other…i mean its YOUR LIFE! GO YOU!!!! I am not named Judy therefore i cannot judge. But i often find myself asking thi question over and over, how much is too much? Like if i don’t post a pic of my meal or workout, i feel guilty….why? WAS IT POINTLESS?!?!?!? Whats wrong with me?!

I hit a point where it was almost second nature snap chatting a selfie while taking a shit. Do some of my idols like Stone Cold Steve Austin do this?  I mean maybe, but i highly doubt that.  Today, i draw the line. Right here, right now. I’m committing to deactivate  Social Media for 30 days  . Should i announce it to all so they don’t bitch at me? I did a soft deactivate and i got numerous texts ( especially people who i dont’ normally talk to , at all ) ” Why did you delete me?!” Well for one, i didn’t. Why is this a big deal? Enough with the story, let’s get this madness going.

(fuck yeah ill be back ) 

I love taking pictures and looking at them. Instagram makes sense to me for that aspect. Maybe id rather see a pic of a happy family on IG , over a Facebook status  with the following caption “Just cooked dinner for my pregnant wife after i mowed the lawn, wipe my ass, and even changed the light bulbs in the garage door opener .” ). Contradicting myself again, i don’t care. Because people can do this still on IG….

Maybe its the platforms of social, and whom i choose to follow…. 

What will i miss most? INSTAGRAM! I love beautiful night sky shots, cars, women and amazing travel pics. Maybe this will inspire me to go make them, myself? ; )


Is this gonna suck?  SURE

Fuck it, I’m over it here we go. 

I’m gonna learn how to read a book, or ride a bike…. maybe a new hobby… travel??? Living spree?!

It is currently 12:04 Am, Friday April 13th. 

FRIDAY THE 13th!?!?!? oooOOoo! What a perfect time for this. 

Off to the life of zero social media, my first bet is the anxiety, the routine of checking it will get to me. And how many people will reach out to me via text or phone calls? Not just glorified likes or video snaps. It is a two-way street and ill do my best to stay up with my besties, but as far as the Hartline show goes….




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